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Houston Personal Injury Law Firm

Our Practice Areas

Marc Whitehead & Associates is dedicated to serving you by providing exemplary, meticulous, ethical legal help. Although our law firm is based in Houston, we serve personal injury victims across the United States. Here are some of our areas of focus:

Auto Accidents

National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) statistics show that 40,000 auto accident fatalities happen every year on U.S. roads. Millions more victims are injured. Our auto accident lawyers can help you begin the process of obtaining recovery for your injuries, damage to your vehicle, medical care and other costs.

Motorcycle Accidents

Even if you wear your helmet, obey traffic laws, and do everything else “right,” you, as a motorcycle rider, are at higher risk for getting into dangerous and serious accidents. If you were hurt on your bike – or if someone you know and love got hurt – our Houston personal injury law firm can help, even if the rider was partially at fault or not wearing a helmet.

Truck Accidents

The massive size differential between trucks and other vehicles creates uniquely deadly hazards. Whether a runaway truck crashed into you on the freeway; or a defective truck bumped you at a stoplight and gave you whiplash, our Texas truck accident attorneys can answer your questions and build you a winning strategy.

Boating Accidents

Perhaps your motorboat hit an unmarked pier and gave you and two other passengers severe injuries and bruises. Or maybe a DUI captain smashed into your schooner. In any case, our law firm can help you understand what went wrong and what you need to do now.

Bus Accidents

Bus accidents – particularly ones involving school children – are not only devastating, but they are also often headline grabbing. Learn how you can deal with the aftermath of the bus accident while protecting your family and retaining control over your life.

Airplane Accidents

Airplane accidents – even minor ones involving little or no damage to the plane – can shake up victims and lead to long-term complications. Find out what to do from our Houston personal injury lawyers.

Wrongful Death

Whether a doctor prescribed the wrong medication to your husband, giving him an allergic reaction that lead to his death; or a DUI or distracted driver hit and killed a loved one on Houston surface streets, the law firm of Marc Whitehead & Associates can help you respond to the tragedy.

Work Injury Claims

If you got hurt or sick at work, should you file for workers’ compensation? How do you handle a callous employer or an insurance company that denies your claims?

Insurance Bad Faith

We like to think of insurance companies as “there for us” when problems strike. But insurers are businesses, and they may abandon contractual obligations, stonewall you, or otherwise mistreat you. Here is what you can do to demand justice.

Product Liability

Consumers expect products to function well – and, at the very least, not to hurt them. But poorly designed, mislabeled and defective products can hurt you.

Toxic Torts

Exposure to toxic biological or chemical agents – at a workplace, a construction site, or even in your own home – can lead to both acute and chronic illnesses. What should you do if you or someone you care about has been exposed? Get answers from our Houston personal injury attorneys.


If a trucker, caretaker, driver, boss, or any other person or company was negligent – and that negligence caused you harm – our personal injury lawyers can help you.

Dangerous Drugs

Methamphetamines, opiates, misused prescription medications, and even abused over the counter drugs can all create or worsen injuries, accidents, or illnesses. If dangerous drugs hurt you, what should you do now?

Premises Liability

Owners and landlords are legally obligated to protect visitors – even trespassers – from harm. Whether a neighborhood dog bit your child; or you slipped and fell at the home of an acquaintance, Marc Whitehead & Associates can advise you.

Insurance Claims

Struggling to obtain fair insurance claims? When you battle a large, “well-lawyered” insurance company, the odds are stacked against you. Even the fight by connecting with our Houston injury lawyers.

Longshoreman Claims

Do you have a complex longshoreman claims case? If you were hurt working on navigable water – but you are not a seaman – you may qualify for benefits.

Defense Base Act Claims

Whether you need a Defense Base Act attorney to answer questions about an overseas accident; or you lost a loved one working on a US government base overseas and you need to protect your survivors’ financial rights, our firm can help can help you deal with your challenges.

We invite you to contact a Houston injury lawyer at our law firm or call us at 800-562-9830 for a free, private, thorough and no pressure case evaluation about your injury, accident, illness or disabling condition.

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