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Texas Personal Injury Attorney Offers Free Resources

Get the Empowerment and Support You Need

Houston attorney Marc Whitehead passionately believes in educating clients, helping them understand their circumstances, and designing and customizing ideal strategies to help them satisfy their needs.

To that end, the team here at Marc Whitehead & Associates has compiled some terrific free resources to help you understand your options, educate yourself about applicable law, and benefit from our latest insights into solving personal injury victims' problems.

Free Case Evaluation

Do you need to talk to a Texas personal injury and disability attorney at Marc Whitehead & Associates ASAP? Do you need to get urgent questions answered about your potential case? We understand that problems never sleep, and so we’ve made our team accessible to you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without fail.

Contact us now and get a free, private, comprehensive, no-time-limit case evaluation to get all of your important questions answered.

Free Auto Accident eBook:

If you are a victim of a recent car or truck accident, you are confused, frustrated, and hurting from what happened. The actions you take following an accident will affect everything from insurance settlements to medical coverage. You need to find useful and relevant help and ignore bogus and possibly dangerous information.

Texas personal injury attorney Marc Whitehead has created a powerful resource for you:

FREE eBook: Car & Truck Crashes: 10 Secrets Victims Should Know To Protect Their Rights




Car & Truck Crashes:
10 Secrets Victims Should Know To Protect Their Rights

Full of essential, helpful tips and guidance, this eBook includes:

  • What you need to know about your automobile accident.
  • How you determine who is at fault.
  • Who can be sued.
  • Answers to common questions.
  • The "need to know" basics of Texas auto accident law.
  • Much more!

Download the free e-book today, and know the correct steps to take to protect your rights. Get all the information you need from a trusted source.

Free Disability eBooks

If you are dealing with a disabling condition, illness or injury, please accept complimentary copies of these important eBooks by disability attorney Marc Whitehead.

Read the truth about Social Security Disability, Long Term Disability Insurance and Veterans Disability claims—and find out how you can fight back when the insurance company, SSA or the VA denies your rightful benefits.

Each book is written in understandable words that you can act upon. Just click on the book titles below to see what's inside:

Click here for the free Social Security report.




The Social Security Disability Puzzle
How to Fit the Pieces Together and Win Your Claim

Click here for the free Disability Insurance Policies Report.




Disability Insurance Policies
How to Unravel the Mystery and Prove Your Claim

Click here for the free Veterans Disability Claims Report.




Veterans Disability Claims
Strategies For a Winning Campaign

Understanding Your Case Value

How much might your case be worth? What if another attorney or law firm told you that you didn’t have a case or that you couldn’t win your claim based on the evidence? Don’t allow yourself to be defeated or disappointed. Complex dynamics inform case value, so contact us immediately to get specific answers to your questions and needs.

Video Help

Watch our brief, informative personal injury legal videos that can help you understand many facets of personal injury cases, and learn about disability benefits and your rights.

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Personal injury law is constantly changing. Claims for disability benefits continue to be unfairly denied to countless victims of accidents and illness, including America’s veterans. Injury victims and their families need some way to track the most relevant and useful updates to ensure that they solve all their problems in the shortest, most efficient, and most practical ways possible.

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At the Marc Whitehead & Associates personal injury blog, you can read crucial, useful information, advice, and tidbits to ease your journey, understand your rights better, avoid mistakes, and (hopefully) be entertained while you are educated.

Beyond Our Free Resources

We offer these free resources as a service – not as legal advice. But once you do become our client, we will provide the same level of commitment and passion. Our mission is to make your life easier, better, less stressful, and more in control after your accident, injury or disabling condition. You have been through a tremendous amount of frustration, stress, and physical pain. We exist to help you regain balance, equilibrium, and confidence by over delivering results for you.

We invite you to learn more about Marc Whitehead & Associates as well as read about our approach and philosophy to helping the seriously injured.

Free eBooks

Cars & Trucks Crashes E-book

Click here for the free Social Security report.

Click here for the free Disability Insurance Policies Report.

Click here for the free Veterans Disability Claims Report.

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