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A Texas Bus Accident Changed
Everything: So Now What Should
You And Your Family Do?

A Texas bus accident does not have to be newsworthy or catastrophic to create real and possibly permanent havoc in the lives of victims. Whether you suffered a nasty case of whiplash that won’t go away, no matter how many sessions of massage or acupuncture you endure; or you lost a child or other loved one in a horrific bus crash, you want to get a grasp on the most appropriate, strategic and sensible way forward.

Likely, you and your family are juggling multiple crises at once – all created or worsened by the bus crash. For instance:

  • Emotional storm. You might be feeling furious, scared, depressed or helpless.
  • Financial problems. Maybe you lack insurance; and the costs of your injuries are already threatening to overtake your family’s emergencies savings.
  • Legal problems. Perhaps you were partially responsible for this Texas bus accident.
  • Logistical problems. Whether you are stuck in the hospital caring for a hurt and sick child; or swamped at work because you missed several weeks dealing with the aftermath of a Houston bus crash, your life is in chaos.
  • Information overload. Your web research has overwhelmed you. Instead of finding one great resource to help you, you have found a thousand seemingly identical legal resources, all of which promise the moon. Now, whatever resource you choose, you must abandon 999 other possible resources – a stressful challenge in and of itself.

There is No Need to Deal with Your Texas Bus Accident Concerns on Your Own

Even if you only feel a few of the frustrations discussed above, you are probably working way too hard and frustrating yourself for no good reason. Texas injury law may be complicated, but the strategic process for helping victims is straightforward.

Instead of stressing about what to do and how to do it, connect with a reputable resource, like Martindale-Hubbell AV-rated lawyer Marc Whitehead and his team. Attorney Whitehead certainly has the credentials to help you – he is Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, for instance.

He and his team have developed a variety of specialized processes and systems to ensure that clients involved in a Texas bus accident get great service and results. Moreover, Mr. Whitehead and his team will listen to what you want and help you address all of the nagging concerns you have right now – and in the future – so you can get back to the real business of rebuilding your life. Rest assured that we will build you a sterling plan to try to get you the compensation you need and hold wrongdoers to strict justice.

Learn more about what sets Marc Whitehead & Associates apart at, or connect with a Texas bus accident lawyer for a free case evaluation simply by dialing 800-562-9830.

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