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A Destructive Boating Accident
Rocked Your World: Serious Help
to Put It Back Together

Whether a minor boating accident destroyed your small (but beloved) water craft; or you got seriously hurt (e.g. lacerations, broken bones, a small concussion) when a DUI boater rammed into you at a dock, you want creditable answers about what to do now.

Victims of boating mishaps are often thrown off balance in more ways than one. Whereas many people have had the (unfortunate) experience of being in a car, truck, motorcycle or bicycle accident – or coming close to this experience – far fewer have gotten hurt while in the water.What this means is that boating accident victims may feel more isolated than victims of motor vehicle accidents.

It’s hard to convey to other people - even members of your family – the extent of your frustration, overwhelm, anxiety, and anger about the accident. But have faith; resources abound to help you regain equilibrium, hold the liable person (or company) responsible for what happened to you, and obtain ample and fair compensation for emergency medical bills; lost work wages; pain and suffering; damage to your boat; and many other costs.

Beyond the Boating Accident: Taking Stock, Identifying Where You Want To Be

Before you take action to solve your problems – collect money to pay your bills, deal with the psychological and financial stresses caused by the crash, etc. – you need a complete accounting of what’s true now. You also need a roadmap for a “best outcome.” In another words, imagine if everything about your case turned out perfectly. What would that look like? What kind of compensation would you get? How would you feel at the end of the legal wrangling? And so forth.

Only then – once you know your starting point and your end point – can you figure out the most effective, savvy, and resourceful path forward. Just like in a boat race, you need to know the starting line and the finish line to map your best course of action; so, too, in a boating accident injury case, you need to know where the start and finish lines are.

A Strategic Resource for You

Marc Whitehead & Associates can help you identify, develop, build, and execute a strategic case to get you what you want. Our team has the resources, knowledge, compassion and reputation as aggressive Texas litigators to help you move forward in a way that’s both principled and effective.

Learn more about our philosophy here at We invite you to connect with a Houston boating accident attorney through our site or by calling our team at 800-562-9830. Let us give you the resources, knowledge, tools and guidance you need to get up and back on your feet.

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