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Building Texas Wrongful Death Cases Doesn’t Have to Be a Traumatic Experience: Consider a Resourceful, Sensitive, and Strategic Approach

Wrongful death cases are obviously innately tragic. And if you recently lost a loved one in Texas due to someone else’s carelessness or malevolent behavior – or to a company or corporation’s negligence – you may still be reeling from the loss and barely able to concentrate on the logistics of moving forward with your life.

There is more at stake in these cases than simply ensuring that “justice gets done.” Obviously, if a DUI driver crashed into your husband’s car and killed him; or if a negligent nurse overdosed your mother with her diabetes medications, precipitating a massive fatal stroke; you want (and deserve) justice for what happened.

But you also want to keep your focus on the future. Specifically, you may need significant funds to pay for burial and funeral costs, your children’s education, your home, and your life. Unfortunately, when a tragedy hits, friends and family members may not act to preserve evidence that could be useful in Texas wrongful death cases. And that can be problematic. The longer you delay getting help – such as consulting with a compassionate, experienced legal team like Marc Whitehead & Associates – the fewer options you might be able to leverage to obtain a recovery.

Let's revisit our two hypothetical examples to understand this better:

  1. In the case of the fatal DUI car accident… perhaps a photograph of the car crash – or of your late husband’s injuries – could provide powerful evidence to help convict the DUI driver and ensure that he (or his insurance company) pays for all relevant damages. Without that photographic evidence, you may still be able to build a case, but it might be much harder to do so.
  2. In the second hypothetical situation… if you can offer medical evidence that the nurse overdosed your mother with her insulin (or other diabetes medication), you could build a compelling case. But that evidence might not last forever. After the tragic accident, records can easily get lost, stolen, or even intentionally destroyed.

Also, in certain wrongful death cases, the so-called “statute of limitations” may expire. This means that, if you wait too long to take legal action, you may lose your capability to do so, even if you could otherwise build a great case against a wrongdoer.

Strategically Approaching Texas Wrongful Death Cases

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