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Did Dangerous Drugs Cause Your Accident or Sickness? Find Out Whether You Can Hold Someone or Some Texas Company Liable.

Dangerous drugs, like alcohol, heroin, methamphetamines, opium and opiate derivatives, cocaine, and marijuana can cause or worsen a seemingly endless array of problems. Whether your mother-in-law suffered a stroke when her pharmacist accidentally gave her the wrong prescription; or a driver high on cocaine raced through a stoplight in downtown Houston and slammed into your motorcycle; the astute legal team at Marc Whitehead & Associates can help you explore possible legal remedies.

Depending on what happened to you from these dangerous drugs, you may be entitled to collect compensation for a surprising array of costs, including:

  • The time you must take off of work now (and far into the future);
  • Your medical and surgical bills;
  • Damage to your vehicle or equipment;
  • Pain and suffering;
  • Loss of consortium;
  • Rehabilitation costs;
  • Legal fees;
  • And more.

Dangerous Drugs: Toxic Results, Mysterious Causes

As a recent victim (or family member of a victim), you may believe that you’ve clearly identified the cause of your accident or injury. Perhaps a drunk or drugged up driver ran off the road and hit you, for instance. So obviously the drinking or drug use caused or contributed to what happened.

Or maybe your niece suffered an aneurysm, after a nurse gave her the wrong medicine. Clearly, the nurse committed negligence when she gave your niece this wrong drug.

Here are three things to keep in mind about your gut judgments about the case:

  1. Your instincts might be right.
  2. But they might not be completely right.
  3. And there is always the possibility that they may be significantly off base.

Personal injury cases involving dangerous drugs often have a funny way of surprising both claimants and defendants. A deeper investigation of the case involving the drunk-or-high driver, for instance, might reveal that the driver’s brakes failed during the accident. This might not exonerate the driver. But it might bring into play another possible defendant – the designer or maker of the dysfunctional brakes.

Likewise, in the hypothetical case about the nurse's negligence, further investigation might show that the reason why your niece needed treatment in the first place was because her specialist physician failed to diagnose an urgent medical need. Thus, her physician might become a separate legal target and possible source of damages.

Defining a Principled, Ethical, and Aggressive Case Involving Dangerous Drugs

At Marc Whitehead & Associates, LLP, our team understands the concerns, needs, fears and hopes of personal injury victims. We know that you are likely feeling scared and overwhelmed; and that you have many more legal questions about dangerous drugs than any website page – no matter how detailed – can answer.

To that end, we invite you to take the next step and call our offices toll free at 800-562-9830 to set up an appointment to speak with us.

Your case evaluation will cost you nothing and obligate you to nothing. We also provide ample free resources that can help you on our website.

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