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Struggling with Longshoreman Claims?
Understand Your Rights And Obtain Fair And Comprehensive Compensation

Longshoreman claims can result from literally thousands of scary circumstances on shore and in the water. Perhaps you suffered a severe burn while working as a welder on a shipyard. Or maybe you got sick from inhaling diesel boat fuel while working on a floating oil refinery. Or maybe you suffered a horrific disfigurement during an industrial boat accident off the Gulf Coast.

Depending on your jurisdiction, the nature and seriousness of your injuries (or illness), the applicable laws, and the presence or absence of another party's negligence or carelessness, you may have a plethora of options to obtain compensation. This money can go to pay for your medical bills, therapy and rehabilitation, new medications, prosthetics, lost wages, and beyond.

Variables that Influence Longshoreman Claims

  1. Do you qualify as an injured seaman or not?

    If you were hurt as a seaman, you may qualify for protection under the Jones Act, and you may have options for suing your employer or another party for your damages. To qualify, you must be assigned to a vessel, oil rig, or other “permanent” structure. Alternatively, you may be able to make a claim under the Longshore Act, which provides workers’ compensation-like protection for maritime workers who do not labor aboard vessels or permanent structures.

  2. Did an employer’s (or other party’s) negligence, carelessness, or aggressive action cause or contribute to your illness/injury?

    Even if no one was “at fault,” you still might be able to collect damages. But if someone else was to blame -- particularly if there was an egregious lack of consideration -- you may have extra legal recourse available. For example:

    • An employer ordered you to labor aboard a vessel that just failed a safety test;
    • Your boss compelled you to work in an environment without a respirator that contained a significant volume of aerosolized fuel or organic compounds.

  3. How much evidence can you amass, and how tight can you build your case?

    Another constraint involves the nature, amount, and quality of evidence that links the wrongdoer to your harm. Your choice of injury lawyer also plays a huge role.

We at the law firm of Mark Whitehead & Associates** invite you to connect with our longshoreman claims lawyer for a free and confidential case evaluation. Call us at (800) 562-9830, or find out more about our philosophy and how we operate with respect to longshoreman claims and Jones Act issues.

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