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Houston Traffic Accidents Kill and Injure Thousands: What Legal Remedies are Available to You?

Houston traffic accidents range profoundly in terms of their size and significance. Perhaps, for instance, a careless driver on the IH-610 West Loop southbound rear-ended you and gave you a mild case of whiplash. Or maybe a distracted truck driver (possibly high on a stimulant) sideswiped your pickup on IH-45 North.

Whether you suffered minor chronic injuries or a devastating head injury that will take years if not decades to heal, the team at Marc Whitehead & Associates can provide the skill, integrity, and results that you need to get compensated and move on with your life.

Causes of Houston Traffic Accidents: Far More Complicated Than Victims Realize

If you were involved in a car crash, your memory of the incident may be extremely vivid. You may remember the smell of burning rubber or the sight of a family member in distress. You may also quickly jump to conclusions about how the accident happened, who caused it, and who should be held responsible.

The reality is: your instincts may or may not be correct.

Only a deep and probing investigation of what happened at the scene of Houston traffic accidents can really reveal the facts. For instance, let’s look at the theoretical case discussed above – a negligent truck driver sideswipes you. You might be tempted to blame the driver’s negligence or carelessness. But a forensic analysis might reveal that the truck's brakes failed, causing (or at least contributing to) the accident. In this case, other potential defendants emerge. These might include the mechanic, designer, or engineer ultimately responsible for the brake failure.

Gaining Clarity and Following a Results-Proven Strategy

As a victim of Houston traffic accidents (or a family member of victim), you likely face multiple urgent concerns. These could include financial problems, medical crises, emotional stresses brought on by the accident, and concerns about the logistics of your personal injury case.

At Marc Whitehead & Associates, we will walk you through a simple and clear process to help you regain control of your life, hold wrongdoers to account, and maximize recovery for your lost wages, damage to your automobile, medical and surgical bills, rehabilitation, loss of consortium, and more.

Our firm takes most Houston car accident injury cases on a contingency basis, and we provide free, confidential case evaluations.

Call us now at 800-562-9830, or review free resources to learn more about Houston traffic accidents.

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