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Unfairly Denied Or Delayed Insurance Claims? Stand up for Your Rights and Compel the Insurer to Play Fair

You and your family deserve to collect insurance claims to pay for substantial losses. Perhaps you suffered serious property damage after a hurricane, flood, or windstorm. Or maybe an insurance company has stalled or flat out refused to pay a life insurance claim. Whatever your situation, we at Mark Whitehead & Associates can help**. We represent policyholders across Texas and the United States. We know how to compel insurers to play fair, live up to their policy terms, and abide by contracts.

Trouble Collecting? Not Surprising. Especially if the Claims Are Large.

Insurance companies are, fundamentally, in business for themselves. This isn’t to say that they are evil. But they are in business to make money. And they do so by collecting revenue through fees and premiums and by minimizing expenses, such as avoiding paying out on insurance claims.

On a minor claim, a company might not protest or even notice. But if you make a major claim – a six- or seven-figure claim, for instance – then the insurance company will thoroughly investigate whether the claim should be paid or not. This is fair. But some insurers take this due diligence process beyond fair. And others even willfully confuse policyholders, refuse to abide by terms in the contract, or refuse to pay a settlement or verdict.

Common “bad faith” insurance claims problems include:

  • Company denies benefits that are clearly and exclusively spelled out in the policy;
  • Company fails to investigate a claim you make promptly or fairly;
  • Company refuses to disclose certain policy benefits;
  • Company misrepresents what’s in your contract or policy;
  • Company delays payment of benefits for an unreasonable duration.

Litigating Insurance Claims

Often, confused and distraught policyholders fail to advocate forcibly for their rights, simply because they feel intimidated, overwhelmed, and outgunned. No one wants to be David fighting Goliath, especially when they lack even a metaphorical slingshot.

The good news is that the team at Mark Whitehead & Associates has a strong reputation for fighting for policyholders in complex insurance claim cases. Connect with us for answers to questions about your insurance claims situation by dialing (800) 562-9830, or review to understand how to leverage the law to meet your needs and bring wrongdoers (like bad faith insurers) to justice.

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**(Note: if you were looking for "Marc Whitehead" and spelled his name "Mark," please note that they are the same person: you found the lawyer you were searching for!)

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