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Car & Truck Accidents: 10 Secrets Victims Should Know To Protect Their Rights

Victims of car and truck accidents must deal with multiple stresses all at once:

  • Insurers who want statements;
  • Hospitals and physicians billing for medical services;
  • Small children who may need care, now that you have been sidelined;
  • Employers who want to know when you will be back on the job;
  • Your own health challenges, some of which might last decades or a lifetime.

Most automobile accident victims rarely know their legal rights when it comes to liability, insurance adjusters, paying medical bills, lost wages, or resulting disabilities. Learning what not to do after an auto accident is as critical as learning what to do.

Where can you find accurate answers, fast and free? Researching your rights piecemeal can be a dangerous game, and a time-consuming one at that. Cut through the red tape and confusion and get all the answers you need, in a single, free eBook prepared by Marc Whitehead, Attorney at Law.

Attorney Whitehead offers "Car & Truck Crashes: 10 Secrets Victims Should Know To Protect Their Rights" to help victims avoid getting lost on their journey to health, compensation, and justice.

To download the eBook, just click on either the cover art or title link below. A new window will open that contains the PDF file. Be sure to save the PDF to your computer [click File and Save As].

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Car & Truck Crashes:
10 Secrets Victims Should Know To Protect Their Rights


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Written in plain English, this eBook clearly answers the questions that commonly confuse victims of car and truck accidents. The book can make the process of recovering from your accident as simple as possible: financially, logistically, even emotionally.

Attorney Whitehead is a Houston, Texas-based lawyer who is board certified in Personal Injury Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. From 2009-2010, Attorney Whitehead served as President of the Houston Trial Lawyers Association. A member of numerous organizations, Attorney Whitehead is highly accredited and deeply respected by his legal peers.

Critical Information for Victims of Car and Truck Accidents

Here is just some of the mission-critical information you will receive:

  • Basics of Texas law -- how to establish negligence, causation, and damages;
  • How to determine who was at fault for your crash;
  • How to determine what your damages will be under Texas law and who can be sued;
  • Answers to 10 urgent questions that stump most car and truck accident victims;
  • A handy checklist to keep your car, in the event of an auto accident;
  • What do to if you suspect fraud;
  • Common causes of car and truck accidents and shocking statistics about these events;
  • Critical consumer information to protect your rights;
  • Much more.

Please note that "Car & Truck Crashes: 10 Secrets Victims Should Know To Protect Their Rights" is an e-book provided for educational purposes only. The information in it is not legal advice. Talk to a licensed attorney about all legal issues that could potentially affect your case.

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