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The Frustrating Realities of Insurance
Bad Faith: And What You Can Do
About It

Insurance bad faith cases tests our faith not only in the Texas legal system but also in ourselves. Insurance companies are, first and foremost, in business for themselves. They try to make money by collecting premiums, fees, and other funds. They also seek to minimize how much they have to pay out to victims like you, who’ve suffered from a personal injury, such as a slip and fall, accident-related concussion, workplace-related inhalation injury, or Houston nursing home negligence.

You are a realist. You understand how insurers operate. Profit is the main motive. But you certainly didn’t expect that an insurer would breach its contract with you, purposefully fail to pay a claim that you had won, or otherwise blatantly mistreat you.

But an insurer did. Now you're confused and frustrated about how to handle the situation.

Responding to Insurance Bad Faith Effectively

As disturbing as this may sound, many insurance companies operate under the principle that they can bully or bulldoze naïve, frail beneficiaries into accepting a less than square deal. This may be unethical. In certain cases, it may even be illegal. And this behavior creates an unfortunate and detrimental cycle of mistrust.

So how do you fight back when insurance bad faith happens? How can you compel the insurer to make good on its obligations to you, potentially see that the company gets punished, maximize the damages and other compensation you can collect, and move on with your life?

The answer depends on the circumstances of your injury, the nature of the alleged insurance company misconduct, the severity of the damages, and multiple other factors.

So, there is no one size fits all solution. But there is almost always a strategic solution. To derive that strategic solution, you want to find a Texas insurance bad faith lawyer whom you can trust and who has tremendous experience dealing with recalcitrant, unfair or simply inept insurance companies.

At Marc Whitehead & Associates, we have the resources, wherewithal, and pure will to do whatever it takes for our clients to get results. We also have a reputation among insurance companies for preparing aggressively and meticulously and being unafraid of going to trial (if that’s what is going to take) to see that justice is done.

It’s time to end the nonsense.

Insurance bad faith should not be tolerated, and you don’t have to take it anymore. Connect with an experienced, compassionate and skillful insurance bad faith lawyer at, or call the Marc Whitehead & Associates team now at 800-562-9830 to set up a confidential discussion about your concerns and your case.

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