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Texas Airplane Accidents:
How to Make Sense of the Devastation

Airplane accidents are among the scariest, most traumatic vehicle disasters. Whether someone you care about was killed when a single engine Cessna crashed in rural West Texas; or you suffered massive injuries during a bad landing or sudden precipitous jolt after takeoff, the legal team at Marc Whitehead & Associates can help you pick up the pieces and search for strategic ways to get you compensated for your injures and losses.

Multiple Factors Involved in Aviation Crashes

Studies suggest that aviation crashes often involve more than one malfunction or error co-occurring. More than one thing goes wrong, in other words. For instance, say a pilot flies while exhausted. Ordinarily, that might not be a problem. But perhaps he flies in rough weather, and the ground crew that night just so happens to fail to clear off the runway properly. Thus, during the decent, the pilot’s inability to focus (because of his fatigue) combined with the bad weather and the bad runway conditions all contribute to a jarring landing that gives several passengers whiplash and even a few broken bones.

Here is a brief list of factors that can influence Texas airplane accidents:

  • Pilot error, fatigue or intoxication;
  • Equipment malfunction;
  • Air traffic controller errors;
  • Failing technology (on the plane);
  • Failing technology (on the ground);
  • Mechanical problem with the plane or with a component;
  • Poor plane design;
  • An act of God, such as a natural disaster or a surprising weather incident;
  • Safety device failure (e.g. seat belt breaks during a bumpy jolt).

Reconstructing Airplane Accidents Also Presents a Challenge

Airplane accident forensics is notoriously complicated. In situations in which planes are destroyed during crash landings or ocean landings, investigators may be able to use information stored in the crash proof “black box” to start to figure out what went wrong and how. But even with tools like the black box -- along with recordings of pilot statements, flight data, air traffic control data, etcetera -- figuring out exactly why the accident occurred, who was responsible, and how that person or party’s error, negligence, carelessness, or omission contributed to your injuries (or the loss of a loved one) is quite an involved affair.

Fortunately, you can count on the resources of the team at Marc Whitehead & Associates, LLP, to answer your questions, develop a results-focused battle plan and keep you informed about the progress of your vehicle injury case as you move forward. Get a free case evaluation regarding airplane accidents at, or call our offices at 800-562-9830 (anytime, 24/7) to get answers to your urgent questions.

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