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Toxic Torts in Texas:
Achieving Results and Getting the Critical Guidance You Need

Toxic torts are personal injury cases involving exposure to dangerous chemicals or other agents. Perhaps you suffered a searing inhalation injury after a fuel canister exploded and aerosolized volatile compounds. Or maybe you or a loved one developed leukemia, multiple myeloma, or non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma years after laboring in an environment full of toxic compounds.

In any case, the strategically focused team at Marc Whitehead & Associates can analyze what happened to you, investigate the root cause of your injuries and/or disease, and help you and your family get the support, guidance, and results you need to pay for your costs and obtain justice.

The Often Bewildering and Frustrating Nature of Toxic Torts

In certain personal injury cases, the situation is relatively cut and dry. For instance, say a drunk driver crossed a highway divider and slammed into your car at a high speed. You can pinpoint precisely when the accident/injuries occurred as well as who was (almost certainly) liable.

But this kind of “cut and dry” situation may not be at play in a toxic torts case like yours. For instance, perhaps you got exposed to chemicals years ago while working as a plumber, pest controller, painter, fire fighter, electrician, or construction worker. And now you have leukemia, lung disease, or an obscure neurodegenerative illness.

There might be some science linking the suspected exposure to your illness. And there might be some evidence that you did indeed suffer an acute or chronic exposure. But building a compelling case for damages will require your Texas toxic tort attorney to delve deeply into the science, leverage the resources of independent investigators and forensics experts, and spend significant energy surfacing possible liable parties.

Obviously, not all cases of this type are complex. Some are simple. For instance, say you are a chemist. One day, an aromatic chemical compound explodes, leaks out from under the hood, and immediately sickens you and several other chemists and engineers. In this case, at least certain aspects of the legal puzzle will be more straightforward.

But in almost all cases, you will likely want to consult with an experienced Houston toxic torts lawyer to uncover possible strategies to make your case easier, less stressful, and more certain to deliver results.

Whether someone you love and care about was killed due to chemical exposure or exposure to a toxic biological agent; or you believe that a chronic illness or disease might have been causally linked to a workplace exposure or other exposure you experienced years ago, the team at Marc Whitehead & Associates would like to speak with you.

Call us now at 800-562-9830, or review our website,, for more free resources regarding toxic torts and other personal injury law concerns.

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