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Welding Rod Lawyer in Houston

If you are searching for a welding rod lawyer in Houston, chances are you have worked as a welder, pipe fitter or have been exposed to poorly ventilated areas where welding or pipe fitting has occurred and are aware of the danger of welding rod fumes. A jury in Illinois awarded a man over $1 million in damages because his employer failed to warn him that manganese fumes emanating from welding rods can cause a disease similar to Parkinson’s disease. Marc Whitehead & Associates specialize in Texas work injuries, including cases involving welding rod fumes.


Welding of metals involves the use of electrodes containing manganese. When the metals are welded together the manganese fumes are released into the atmosphere along with carbon monoxide, ozone and other toxic substances. Inhaling these fumes over a period of time can result in brain damage and symptoms similar to Parkinson’s disease. One form of the disease is known as "manganism" or "manganese-induced Parkinson's". There is no cure for the disease once contracted.


Exposure to welding rod fumes for just three months can cause the onset of the disease. Among the physical symptoms of manganism are:

  • trembling in the hands and feet
  • loss of balance
  • drooling
  • immobility in the face
  • loss or reduction of reflexes
  • problems walking
  • slowness in gait

Manganism also manifests itself in psychological disorders including:

  • Depression
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Apathy
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Difficulty making routine decisions and processing data
  • Memory loss


If you've been exposed to welding rod fumes, and are experiencing any of the symptoms associated with manganism, you should seek the advice of an experienced welding rod lawyer in Houston. Employers have a duty to warn their employees of special hazards of the job. You may be entitled to collect money damages from an employer or welding rod manufacturer. Call or email Marc Whitehead & Associates today for a free Houston work injury case evaluation.

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