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Silicosis Attorney in Houston

If you are one of the thousands of people who have worked in an industry that exposes employees to silica dust, and you are experiencing respiratory difficulties, you should consider consulting a silicosis attorney in Houston. If you have contracted silicosis, you might be eligible for Texas work injury compensation. Marc Whitehead & Associates are Houston work injury lawyers with specialized knowledge of silicosis claims.

Silicosis is a potentially fatal form of lung disease that results after exposure to the mineral silica. Silica dust containing crystalline silica causes irreversible damage to the lungs after inhalation. The particles of silica dust erode the lining of the lungs, making them susceptible to tuberculosis and pneumonia. In addition, the condition results in the lungs being too clogged to efficiently transfer oxygen to the blood stream. Many industries failed to limit silica levels, putting workers at risk for developing silicosis. Cases of silicosis development on the job have occurred with construction workers, rock drillers, miners, tunnelers, foundry workers, agriculture workers, stone or clay workers, sandblasters, and others.

Anyone who has worked around airborne particles of crystalline silica is at risk for developing chronic, accelerated, or acute silicosis.

Symptoms of silicosis include:

  • cough fatigue
  • chest pain
  • fever
  • loss of appetite
  • shortness of breath

There is no cure for silicosis; there is only treatment of the symptoms. Although cases of silicosis in this country are relatively rare today, people who have worked in the industries prone to generating silica dust may not exhibit symptoms for 15 years or more after exposure.

If you've been diagnosed with silicosis, or think you are at risk for developing the disease, contact an experienced silicosis attorney in Houston at Marc Whitehead & Associates today. You may be entitled to collect money damages from the manufacturer or employer that put you at risk.

If you need knowledgeable, quality personal injury legal advice, trust the Houston personal injury attorneys at Marc Whitehead & Associates.

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