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A Results-Oriented, Skilled, and Credentialed Serious Injury Lawyer:
Make Your Life Easier and Better

Whether you need a serious injury lawyer to figure out how you can get compensated for a devastating car, truck, or motorcycle accident; or you need an attorney to fight back against a bad faith insurer or negligent employer or physician, the team at Marc Whitehead & Associates is on your side. We serve clients throughout the United States, and we believe passionately in client service.

Be "Listened To" -- Not "Talked At"

When you come to us, we will listen to your concerns and help you feel back in control, free of frustration, and on the path towards rebuilding your life.

Injured victims – particularly those who need a serious injury lawyer – often are challenged by multiple crises all at the same time. For instance, a car accident victim might face:

  • Urgent medical problems from the accident: How long will it take to heal?
  • An indirect work-related crisis: How will she drive to her office now?
  • A financial mini-crisis: What if she lacks adequate insurance to cover the costs of her care?
  • Emotional problems: How can she resourcefully deal with her feelings of rage, depression, and helplessness from the accident?
  • Family concerns: How can she care for her small children, now that she has been rendered somewhat incapacitated by the crash?

Dealing with multiple challenges at once means that you must be very strategic, very careful, and very resourceful thus you need a serious injury lawyer. We see our role in many ways as a guide for personal injury victims. We want to help you clarify precisely your best possible outcome. And we want to relieve you of stress and anxiety, so that you can heal quicker, deal with the crises in your life, and take care of yourself and your loved ones.

The Serious Approach of a Serious Injury Lawyer

To that end, Marc Whitehead & Associates brings a host of diverse resources to bear in every case. These include:

Meticulous Research and Investigative Skills

Our team will scrutinize every relevant detail of your case, using outside experts as well as knowledge of the law, to figure out the best and most strategic way to build your case.

Advanced Technologies

Our team uses science and engineering resources, accident reconstruction modeling, and other state-of-the-art resources to develop client cases.


Our team is careful about whom we choose to represent. We want to ensure that we provide maximum focus for each client – the personal service that sets our firm apart – so we are choosy about what projects we take on and how we do them.


Our lawyers will stay in communication with you, answer your questions, help you navigate any surprises (or surprising opportunities) that come up during your case, and give you straightforward advice.

Contingency Representation From A Serious Injury Lawyer

In the vast majority of Texas personal injury cases, we provide contingency fee representation. You do not need a retainer, and you need not pay fees unless and until our team wins a settlement for you or wins a trial verdict.

Connect with a serious injury lawyer today to learn more about our approach, and begin the process of reclaiming your life, getting the compensation you want, and holding a careless or negligent wrongdoer accountable. Call 800-562-9830, or explore more of our free web resources

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