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Personal Injury Case Value:
How Much Might Your Claim Be Worth?

What is your injury case value? How much monetary compensation should you expect to collect, based on what happened to you, who caused the problem, and how much you have suffered?

Victims of accidents and injuries often want a quick, specific answer to this question, right off the bat. The answer, unfailingly, is: “it depends.”

That response is not meant to be cheeky. The reality is that your case's value (and merit) will depend on literally dozens of factors, which interplay in a complex way. So the only real way to get an appropriate and substantial “guesstimate” of your Houston case value is to connect with an experienced personal injury lawyer, who will analyze all of these factors, synthesize them based on his/her knowledge and experience, and develop an estimate.

And bear in mind that even the most accurate assessment is ultimately just an educated guess about injury case value. New evidence might come to light, for instance, that helps or hurts your case substantially. Or a victim might experience a secondary medical catastrophe and thus need far more money to pay for care than initially anticipated. And the list goes on.

Here is a list of some factors that influence injury case value. Keep in mind that this is only a partial, incomplete list:

  • The extent and nature of damage done to your property (e.g. car, home, vehicle, etc);
  • The nature and scope of your medical and surgical bills;
  • The costs of long-term rehabilitation, medications, therapies, etc.;
  • The nature of your psychological suffering (such as loss of consortium or companionship) and reduced capacity to enjoy the things you love in life;
  • The degree of negligence or carelessness that led to your injury or accident;
  • Whether you suffered as a result of an acute event (e.g. a DUI car crash) or a chronic event (e.g. long-term exposure to toxic chemicals at the workplace);
  • How much money your insurance company (or another defendant) ultimately has to pay for your damages;
  • The skills and investigative resources of your Houston injury lawyer;
  • The strategic plan that you develop and implement to get the compensation.

An Easy Way to Determine Your Injury Case Value

The attorneys here at Marc Whitehead & Associates have spent years helping accident and injury victims come to terms with their strategic choices. We can help you maximize the nature of your compensation and bring wrongdoers to justice. We can also answer any questions you have and provide a free and no pressure case evaluation to let you know how much your case might be worth – including whether it’s worth pursuing at all.

We are honest, compassionate, and aggressive. Call us at any time, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, at 800-562-9830 to schedule a case evaluation to find out your injury case value.

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