What Should You Do When You Are In an Auto Accident?

June 27, 2012 by

What Should You Do When You Are In an Auto Accident?

Auto Accident personal Injury claims are extremely common in Houston, Texas.  Immediately summons the police. Also request an ambulance if anyone appears injured. If you are incapacitated by your injuries, be sure your spouse or other family member or attorney is notified of the accident so that someone may obtain the information set forth below.

Always carry a pen and paper in your glove compartment.

The most important thing to do when involved in an accident, to ensure that you will be covered if a valid policy exists, is to obtain vital information from the other parties. Always carry a pen and paper in your glove box to record the following from each party:

  • Name,
  • Address,
  • Work and home phone numbers,
  • Driver’s license number,
  • Tag number and make of automobile,
  • Auto insurance information including the name of the insurance company, the policy number, and the expiration date.

As you are writing down this information, make notes to yourself regarding the involvement of each driver, the damage caused to his car, his demeanor after the accident, and anything he may say regarding the accident.

At an accident scene:

Take notes.

Draw a diagram of the scene.

Draw a diagram of the accident scene. Do not trust this to memory. Step off the distance of all skid marks, and include this in your drawing. Estimate the speed of each vehicle upon impact. Note how each car became involved, and its location after the accident. Speak to witnesses, and obtain their name, telephone number, and address. Ask them what they saw, and supplement your notes with their recollection. If a police officer is summoned, much of this information will be reflected in the formal report he or she prepares on the accident. You should refrain from discussing the manner in which the collision occurred. Be careful what you say. Comments charged by emotion may be misunderstood or misquoted by others.

Of course, you should accept no fault as it may unclear at the time who, if anyone is clearly responsible. Although you may feel sorry for what has happened, you may not be legally liable for the collision. You should therefore withhold your comments for the time being, and wait for the police to arrive. Once they do, cooperate fully with their investigation. They will probably ask for you to give a statement and you should comply. If your memory is vague due to the excitement and trauma of the accident, make sure that you explain this to the officer. It is important for him to know that you may miss slight or seemingly unimportant details due to your emotional state.

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