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What should you do if you are in an auto accident in Houston, Texas?  In my previous blog post, I discussed some basic things that you should do first if you are every unfortunate enough to be involved in a car crash or a trucking accident. They included calling the police and an ambulance if a personal injury is involved, exchanging vital information with those involved in the car wreck, diagramming the scene, not admitting fault but otherwise fully cooperating.  Additionally in this post, because the policy officer must investigate the accident, leave your vehicle where it is without obstructing traffic more than is necessary. Texas Transportation Code 550.021(b). Occasionally, the police may not be called or may not arrive. If so, the Texas Department of Public Safety requires that you complete an accident report within 10 days if an injury occurred, or if total property damage exceeds $500.00. Texas Transportation Code 550.061(a). You may obtain this form at any law enforcement office. Retain a copy for your records.

Physical injury may not cause immediate pain.

When in doubt see a doctor.

Hopefully, significant injury will not result from the accident. But, should it occur, care will be provided at the scene by an emergency medical team. You will then be transferred to a hospital for immediate follow up care. Most counties in Texas have public community hospitals. These facilities provide services regardless of your ability to pay or the presence of insurance coverage. You should request transportation to one of these hospitals should you believe that you may have suffered a serious injury. Immediate symptoms such as headache, neck pain, shooting pain into shoulders or arms, and numbness may indicate serious cervical injury.

Many times, a real physical injury may not cause immediate pain. You may have suffered an injury, which causes delayed symptoms. The onset of pain may occur up to 24 hours after some serious neck injuries. Some accident victims choose to ignore their pain as they treat it with over the counter pain medication. You may be so concerned or anxious with other problems related to the accident that a lingering physical discomfort goes unnoticed. A friend or family member may have told you that the pain will subside given time. Be aware that any new or different feeling may indicate a serious medical problem. Ensure that you visit a physician as soon as possible to receive medical care.

Immediately contact your insurance company. Delay in doing so may leave you without coverage. Give them all of the information you obtained at the accident sight. Allow them to take a statement, and inform them of any physical problems that you may have. If you have seen a doctor, provide his name and address to the company. If you have not seen a doctor, ask how you may go about obtaining authorization from them to do so should any medical problems arise. Record the highlights of each conversation with the adjuster in a notebook. Reference the following section regarding your rights under the law to determine what may be owed to you.

If another driver appears to be clearly liable, contact his insurance carrier. Ask if the particular policy is valid, and if a claim number has been assigned. Obtain their address and send a certified letter to them. Explain in the correspondence that you were involved in an accident with their insured, and that you would like to file a claim against his policy. An adjuster should contact you regarding the situation. If no response is received within 3-4 weeks, send another certified letter. Continue to do so until someone from the company contacts you.

Some insurance companies may ignore your request for assistance. Should this occur, you may be forced to obtain the advice of the attorney.

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